Marvel Movies and the New York Comic Con

Self-described as the largest pop culture event on the East Coast, the New York Comic Con is certain to bring quite a few bits of news over the next following days. And if Marvel wasn’t present at the San Diego Comic Con (which is the largest pop culture event period), can we expect for the studio to surprise us this time?

Well, the announced schedule doesn’t give us too much hope as far as the comic book movies are concerned, since Marvel has booths only for the comics and for the TV shows. Nonetheless, we still have our first big surprise as far as the MCU is concerned!

Check it out!

4 new movies for Phase III

Marvel's Phase III Marvel's Phase III

While the announcement wasn’t made at the NY Comic Con, Marvel did announce four more movies for Phase III. Thus far, we only knew about 10 movies: Captain America 3, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Thor 3, Black Panther, Infinity War 1, Captain Marvel, Infinity War 2, and Inhumans.

Well, to nobody’s surprise, a sequel was announced for this third phase, as well as three other movies. Want to know more? Check out on the next page!