Marvel Land is Officially Coming to Disneyland!

My inner child is freaking out right now as a full-on Marvel Land is coming to Disneyland California Adventure!

According to the Anaheim, CA building permits, they have been approved for a 2,701 square foot merchandise outlet adorned by three canopies. 

Where in the happiest place on earth will this be you ask? The space that was occupied by "A Bug's Land" - Inspired by a Bug's Life which closed in September 2018 will be the location. Currently construction is behind walls emblazoned with "Stark Industries" - clever.

Disney has no official comment from Disneyland but there have been reports of a Spider-Man ride that lets you fight baddies along with our favorite web-slinger. The Guardians of the Galaxy  - Mission: Breakout ride (which replaced tower of terror in 2017) will be a perfect compliment to the new land as well. 

The permits price the work at around $14 million which pales in comparison to the reported $1 billion that was just spent on Star Wars: Galaxy's edge. We think this cost is just the beginning as their imagineers get to work on bringing one of their greatest franchises to life while Marvel enters phase 4 of the MCU.