Magneto’s Role in Dark Phoenix Revealed!

The first X-Men movie opened in 2000, and since then, the Fox series has focused on just a couple of characters and their complicated relationships. Magneto, played by Ian McKellen in the original trilogy and by Michael Fassbender after First Class, is one such character. It's needless to say that, despite such big names, some fans would rather see the X-Men movies shift their focus to different mutants.

That's especially true when comic book storylines such as Dark Phoenix Saga are adapted. For example, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) could be removed from the movie without having much of an impact on the plot.

Magneto (20th Century Fox) Magneto (20th Century Fox)

People also wondered what role Magneto could play in this adaptation. Entertainment Weekly recently revealed that it will be quite an important role. The magazine also reported that after she discovers her Dark Phoenix powers, a confused Jean Grey will turn to Magneto and hide out in Genosha, the island nation that's exclusively a haven for mutants:

He’s set up this place for mutants who don’t have a home to go to. They have to work as a community, but it’s a safe place for them, and they’ll be accepted.

Entertainment Weekly also revealed that Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix will emerge early in the film. It will be interesting to see how Simon Kinberg explains the creation of Genosha, especially after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, in which Magneto played a major role in the destruction of so many cities.

In the comics, the Sentinels wipe out Genosha’s all-mutant population, so it's unlikely that Kinberg will use them. However, the magazine teased a big twist that takes place mid-movie, so it's not likely that the island nation will suffer the same fate at the hands of the Dark Phoenix.

So could the funeral in the pic in Entertainment Weekly be that of Erik Lehnsherr?

The funeral (Entertainment Weekly)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be released on November 2, 2018.