January 01, 2017
Logan: James Mangold Won’t Try to Satisfy Everybody

The last installment in the solo Wolverine franchise, Logan also seems to be the best X-Men movie to arrive on the big screen. And that's thanks to Hugh Jackman’s intense portrayal of the character, as well as to James Mangold's direction (he also directed the franchise's previous installment). The trailer made clear to everybody that this won’t be the usual Wolverine flick, but it will be a drama/action flick. More importantly, it demonstrated that it will be rated R, due to one final shot in which Logan brutally stabs someone in the head.

Logan (Coming Soon) Logan (Coming Soon)

James Mangold said once again that Logan won’t try to satisfy everybody:

Logan is an attempt to bring an end to Hugh's amazing line of performances as Wolverine.  And the ambition of doing that is to try and make an "adult film" about Wolverine.  To make a movie for grownups.  We're not trying to make a movie that everyone.  We're trying to make a movie that stands out and is different because it's kind of a grownup drama that also features intense action.

Of course, people might jump to conclusions right now, saying that Mangold differentiates Logan from the other superhero flicks, which are for kids. But it isn’t the case, especially considering (for example) the Russo brothers films in the MCU.

Furthermore, some might say that Hugh Jackman didn’t portray the Wolverine from the comics. But, again, that won’t be the case. Yeah, it could have been closer to the source – but an adaptation is an adaptation, after all.

Lastly, some might say that the DCEU was also promoted as being more adult-oriented. And we all saw how that ended up (until now, of course). In this case, only time will tell whether James Mangold’s Logan will be a critical and commercial hit or just the latter.

You can check out the interview with James Mangold below:


Logan (Coming Soon) Logan (Coming Soon)

Logan will be released on the 3rd of March 2017.