Kevin Feige Talks Hela and Death in the MCU

As the Thor franchise's last chance for redemption, next year’s Ragnarok will introduce a host of new characters, some of whom will most likely appear in subsequent MCU movies. While Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is an almost certain bet from this point of view, most people believe that Cate Blanchett’s Hela will play a very important role until the end of Marvel’s Phase III. And that is because most of the fans believe that Hela is, secretly, the Death of the MCU.

In the comics, the whole reason Thanos went after the Infinity Gems was to impress this entity. In love with Death, he wiped out half of the universe to win her. Could this be his end game in the MCU, as well?

The fans suspect so, especially since Thor: Ragnarok is the last major cosmic MCU event before Avengers: Infinity War. Furthermore, it would be too late to introduce Death in the shared universe, especially since no other cosmic entities have been introduced until now.

Death (New Media Rockstars) Death (New Media Rockstars)

Most recently, Kevin Feige addressed this issue – is Cate Blanchett’s character Hela (the ruler of the Asgardian Hel) actually Death? Is Thanos trying to win her favor by starting the Infinity War?

Obviously, Marvel's chief didn't reveal much. Instead, he just said that this is a possibility. However, he also said that the fans should know that the events from the comic books can be misleading and that the movie may play differently.

So, it was nothing too clear. Or was it? You can be the judge of that:

Anything is possible. But knowledge of the comics can be both beneficial to fans anticipating things, and also misleading. So you'll have to see (via CBM).

Hela (Screen Rant) Hela (Screen Rant)

As far as we're concerned, this statement should put this rumor to rest. Anyway, as Feige said, Thor: Ragnarok will reveal everything.