Kevin Feige Talks Abomination and Leader

Although he's been absent from the MCU for several years, The Incredible Hulk is still a part of the shared universe. Following Civil War (which brought back General Ross) and the highly successful Thor: Ragnarok - in which Hulk played a major part - everyone seems to be wondering what happened to Abomination and Leader, who wound up in a cryocell and a new secret program, respectively (this happened off-screen).

During an interview with Crave Online, Kevin Feige said that the villains still exist in the MCU, but the studio is waiting for the right story to come around to re-introduce them.

Abomination (JoBlo)

In a way, it's similar to what happened with Beta Ray Bill, who was expected to make a brief cameo in Thor: Ragnarok. He was ultimately cut out of the script, because it would have been a disservice to the character:

It is an embarrassment of riches of places we could go or characters we could reprise or bring back now that we’re…I think Ragnarok is our seventeenth MCU film. And you would be surprised how many…It’s come up. It’s come up. Just finding the right place. And, as I said, if you can’t do it right, don’t do it, or do it later. And the notion of “Hey, I’m here too! Next!” is not interesting to us. Abomination is in a prison somewhere, too.

Samuel Sterns (Marvel Movies Wikia)

We've heard that Hulk will have a three-movie story arc that began with Thor: Ragnarok. Since Avengers 4 will definitely feature flashbacks, maybe this is the chance for all these characters to at least be mentioned again on the big screen.