Justice League: Was [Spoiler’s] Death Revealed in First-Look Clip?

With less than one month to go until Justice League is released, Warner Bros. is working hard to promote the movie. That includes running new TV spots that feature one Justice League member per week. So far, the sole exception was the week they ran spots for both Cyborg and Wonder Woman, and we have no idea why Warner Bros. decided to pair the two.

As the movie's release date nears, we assume that the studio plans to make its  Superman reveal during the final week of promotion. We all know that the Man of Steel will return, but the details of his resurrection and his role in the film have been kept secret.

After the marketing campaigns for previous DC Extended Universe flicks, this is quite an achievement for the studio.

Check out the latest clips below!




Although Warner Bros. has kept Henry Cavill’s role under wraps, they apparently revealed a major death sequence in one of the recently released clips. If you don't mind a spoiler or two, read on!

Justice League (Warner Bros.)

There aren’t too many new shots in the clips, but Cyborg briefly confronts Steppenwolf in his. And if you pause it at precisely the one-minute mark, you'll see that the film's villain is holding some hostages (presumably, the scientists he kidnapped).


It appears that Steppenwolf is holding one hostage at a high elevation, and that the hostage is Silas Stone, the father of Vic Stone, aka Cyborg. And that's not all! It appears that Steppenwolf has impaled him up there!

Everything happens quickly, and it's out of context, so we can’t be 100 percent sure that the character is Silas Stone (he certainly looks like him) or that Steppenwolf has killed him (we're pretty sure he did). But it could be a turning point that leads Cyborg to break free of his limits and help push back Steppenwolf’s army.

Silas Stone (Warner Bros.)

Justice League will be released on November 17.