Jeff Wadlow: Deadpool Got in the Way of X-Force Movie!

An X-Force movie written and directed by Drew Goddard is currently in the works. However, Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) also had a separate version in development that never came to fruition, and Wadlow blames Deadpool.

Speaking with Collider, Wadlow recently offered intriguing new details about his ill-fated X-Force movie, including how it came to be scrapped. His original intention was to focus on a certain band of mutants who may not have been as privileged as the ones featured in mainstream X-Men movies:

When I pitched for it, I said, "If X-Men is about the mutants that get to go to private school, I want to make a movie about the mutants that go to public school. They’re the kids that don’t have a jet swooping down to help them, with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. What’s it like when you don’t have those guys helping you out, and you’re forced to figure out who you are in this world?"

The  director asserted that his script made a positive impression on 21st Century Fox. However, a solo Deadpool movie was simultaneously in development, and the studio had to decide which project to pursue:

Deadpool got in the way of Jeff Wadlow's X-Force movie! Deadpool got in the way of Jeff Wadlow's X-Force movie! (Photo Credit - 21st Century Fox)

I’ve always loved Deadpool, and I tried to rehabilitate him in my X-Force movie, because, like the rest of the fans, I felt like they totally screwed it up in X-Men: Origins. I had actually been talking to Ryan Reynolds about playing him in my X-Force movie, but my X-Force movie was much more focused on Cable and the New Mutants becoming this paramilitary unit. So Fox was trying to decide whether they going to do the Deadpool solo movie or my X-Force movie. Fortunately, they picked the Deadpool solo movie, because it’s great. Fortunately for the world, I should say, but unfortunately for me.

The director added that he had no complaints about how things went down. He stated that he loved the Merc’s first solo movie, and he's super excited about the sequel.

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