Logan: Secret Scene Reveals Spoiler Cameo

Last week, various websites reported that there would be no Logan credits scene. However, they also said that the movie screened for the critics was a couple of minutes shorter than the actual film. With that, the rumor that Logan would have a prologue began to spread. We had no idea what a prologue could be about until now, with a report from Slash Film. So check it out, but be warned, because a huge spoiler awaits.


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Take it with a grain of salt – at least until the movie is released (you won’t have to wait that long, right?).

Logan (Rolling Stone)

According to Slash Film, the prologue is a teaser (or something like that) that features Deadpool. And it sounds like fun, even though it doesn’t really fit in with the movie it precedes! Check it out:

The Deadpool 2 teaser isn’t so much a trailer as a scene featuring the Merc with the Mouth. It begins with two men getting into a scuffle after an attempted mugging in an alley. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) walks by the scene, not suited up as Deadpool, just wearing a hoodie that hides all his scars, listening to the song “Call Me Angel” from the opening credits of the first movie. When he notices the mugging, he’s not having it, and says, “Not in my city!”


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Wade runs over to a phone booth to the familiar tones of the Superman theme composed by John Williams. However, the quick change that you’re expecting doesn’t go so smoothly. In fact, we hold on his struggle to change into his Deadpool suit for over a minute until the two men fighting in the alley ends with a gunshot. Deadpool runs out in heroic slow-motion but finds that there’s only a dead man on the ground that he can’t save anymore. This is where details are a little foggy, because one source mentioned that Wade starts running off at the mouth like you’d expect, all while going through the dead man’s groceries before walking out of the alley.


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UPDATE: This is no rumor, since the scene has already been leaked online.

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