Infinity War Shatters The Force Awakens’ Global Box Office Record!

Avengers: Infinity War just broke another box office record by taking in a billion dollars at the global box office so rapidly that it left the record set by 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the dust.

Last week, Infinity War's $257.70 million North American opening weekend shattered The Force Awakens’ record for the highest-earning opening weekend ever. It took just 12 days for The Force Awakens to set that billion-dollar record, but Deadline reported that Infinity War reached the coveted goal in 11 days.

Interestingly, neither movie required any assistance from the Middle Kingdom to reach the milestone so quickly. The Force Awakens was launched in China 22 days after its arrival in North America, and Infinity War won’t be seen in that country until May 11.

Avengers: Infinity War is the six MCU installment to sail past the $1 billion mark! Infinity War is the sixth MCU installment to sail past the $1 billion mark! (Photo Credit - Marvel)

The Russo Brothers flick bagged over $369 million in North America, and over $604 million internationally. It's the thirty-fourth movie to break the billion-dollar mark, and the sixth MCU film to do so. Considering Marvel Studios’ track record in China, Infinity War should have no trouble beating The Avengers' $1.51 billion to become the highest-grossing MCU installment. It should also surpass Jurassic World's $1.67 billion to become the fourth highest-grossing movie in general.

As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.

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