Harley Quinn is Badass and Saucy in this New Suicide Squad Trailer!

If you thought the trailers featuring Amanda Waller and Rick Flag and Deadshot might be the last ones for Suicide Squad, you were totally mistaken! I bet these were just the first two of the many trailers Warner Bros. intends to launch ahead of the movie’s release. There’s at least one more, for sure!

Today the studio offers us another brand new trailer for the August 5 release, with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn as its centerpiece. Just like the last two trailers, this one is short and concise, but it features a whole lot of new footage.

This new Suicide Squad trailer starts with Harley inside an elevator when one of The Eyes of the Adversary breaks in and attacks her. However, the creature doesn’t get to cause her a lot trouble as she manages to make mincemeat of it with just a few really cool moves!

She does this before even reaching the destined the floor, where the other Suicide Squad members are waiting, prepared to confront the mysterious supervillain’s henchmen.

And in the midst of her fight, Harley even finds time to read a text from someone that reads, “I am close being ready…” Who is that someone? Who could it be, other than Jared Leto’s The Joker! The icon ahead of the text makes it clear.

Then the song You Don’t Owe Me starts playing in the background, and we get to see glimpses of scenes from the movie featuring the Task Force X members.

There’s one scene in this new Suicide Squad trailer in which we hear Amanda Waller saying to Robbie’s character, “Complete the mission and you get time off your prison sentence. Fail the mission, you die.”

As soon as Viola Davis’ character says that, Harley Quinn witnesses an electric shock from the bars of her cell, which she was holding with both hands. But that doesn’t mean she's mad at Waller! In the next scene, we see her saying that Waller “seems really nice”!

At one point in the trailer, Harley says in a saucy tone, “I’m bored. Play with me.”

Who wouldn’t want to play with her? Here’s the new Suicide Squad trailer for you!


Okay, we’ve already watched trailers for Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, and Harley Quinn. Which Suicide Squad character do you think will be featured in the next trailer? The Joker? Boomerang? Enchantress? Share via comments!