First Look at Gotham by Gaslight!

Before the release of the Batman and Harley Quinn movies, a new animation featuring a Victorian-era Batman will be released under the DC banner. Obviously, the film's title is Gotham by Gaslight, and it will be based on DC Comics' first Elseworlds story.

These stories, which include a rumored Superman: Red Son live-action adaptation, take place outside of the DC Comics canon, and this gives the writers an opportunity to play with the characters in ways they otherwise couldn't. Having Batman chase Jack the Ripper was certainly a great beginning for such an experiment.

Gotham by Gaslight (From the featurette below)

Gotham by Gaslight is one of many other iconic comic book storylines that have been animated. It's in good company, with titles such as Justice League: New Frontier, The Dark Knight Returns, and the more recent The Killing Joke.

Today, DC Animation released a first look at Gotham by Gaslight, an extended featurette in which Bruce Timm explains how the comic book was adapted. Check it out below:

The featurette doesn’t really count as a trailer, but it does let us know that the animation will feature the likes of Jim Gordon, Poison Ivy, Hugo Strange, and Selina Kyle. With the pursuit of Jack the Ripper as the background for the action, this could certainly be the big hit from DC Animation that we've been waiting for.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (an original story) will be the DC Comics-based animated movie to follow Gotham by Gaslight. It will be set in the same universe that began with Justice League: Infinity War.

Gotham by Gaslight (From the featurette above)

For the moment, Gotham by Gaslight has no release date.