New Avengers: Infinity War Promotional Materials!

Just two weeks before Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to roll into theaters, Marvel has released four TV spots and one featurette, all of which offer exciting new footage taken straight from the movie.

The movie's plot revolves around Thanos’ plan to wipe out of half of humanity, so it wouldn't be out of line to expect the movie to be relatively dark in tone, especially when compared with the other movies in the genre. But Marvel knows how to effectively inject humor into a movie, even one for which the stakes are this high, and there's a hugely funny sequence with Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in one of the newly released spots.

In the scene, Thor urges the Guardians to help the Avengers battle Thanos and his minions after he makes a grand entrance by crashing into their spacecraft's windshield. Star-Lord declines in a dramatically deep voice voice, evidently trying to sound more masculine in the presence of the mighty God of Thunder. Of course, his teammates don't miss a thing!

In another of the spots, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange have a humorously awkward moment that was already covered in a previous spot. Shot from a different angle, the latest version of the scene reveals that Iron Man is eavesdropping as the heroes banter using made-up names. Here’s that promotional video!

The third spot largely provides glimpses of various heroes that come to Infinity War from previous Marvel Cinematic Universe installments, but it also weaves in a number of new blink-and-you-miss-it snippets from the April 27 release. You'll see Shuri apparently examining the Soul Stone, Iron Man grappling with Star-Lord, and Scarlet Witch fighting Proxima Midnight. Check that one out here!

The final TV spot is just half as long as the others, but there's still time for some new footage, and one particular scene may even induce some panic among fans. We’ve already seen shots of one of Thanos’ Q-Ships heading into outer space with Spider-Man clinging to its hull. This new spot has our hero passing out, losing his grip, and going into a headlong fall back to Earth. So brace yourself for this one!

The featurette released along with the new TV spots intersperses some new scenes with footage of cast members discussing how they bonded while making Avengers: Infinity War. It includes a scene in which Drax trolls Star-Lord by categorizing him as a dude while referring to Thor as a handsome, muscular man. This doesn’t sit well the leader of the Guardians, who argues that he has muscles, too. Here's that featurette for your enjoyment!

In addition to all of that, we have this new IMAX poster!

New poster for Avengers: Infinity War New Avengers: Infinity War poster (Photo Credit - IMAX)

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