Two Weeks to First Venom Trailer?

It appears that the movie studios are determined to make February a special month for superhero movie fans. Marvel Studios is set to release Black Panther on the sixteenth. They also plan to launch some fresh Avengers: Infinity War footage this Sunday during the Super Bowl. In addition, 21st Century Fox reportedly plans to drop the first Deadpool 2 trailer on Valentine’s Day.

And now there's more! While Venom won't hit theaters for another eight months, we could see a first trailer pop up online in just a couple of weeks.

Trailer-Track recently reported that the Manitoba Film Classification Board classified a trailer for Sony Pictures’ Venom. That may indicate that it will arrive in a couple of weeks, possibly along with the Deadpool 2 trailer, which is expected to accompany Black Panther's theatrical release. It's also likely that it will pop up online a couple of days before that. Here's a screenshot of that classification!

The first Venom trailer's classification Classification of the first Venom trailer (Screenshot from Manitoba Film Classification Board website)

This comes as a huge surprise, since it's so far in advance of the R-rated project's October 5, 2018 release. Studios typically drop first trailers for tentpole movies approximately six months prior to a theatrical release. In addition, production for Venom wrapped less than a week ago.

As you can see in the screenshot, no mention was made of the trailer's runtime, but it might be wise to expect that it will be relatively brief. It's going to require months of post-production work to perfect all of the CGI used in the film, so we probably won't see much of the Symbiote in the trailer. However, it shouldn't be unreasonable to hope for a brief glimpse!

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