Fantasy Publishing: DC Rebirth

I wound up spending a large amount of time around my Fantasy Football-obsessed cousins over Thanksgiving, and this gave me an idea: Why not do that for comics? So this week, we’ll be Fantasy Publishing a new slate of DC Rebirth books. Each book will have a creative team attached and a brief idea or concept. Ideally, they'd be added to the existing slate, rather than replacing them, so that’s why you’ll only see characters who don’t currently have books.


10. The Ray

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Ivan Reis

I love The Ray. And he deeply deserves to have a solo series again, especially the new version.

For the team, I’m sorry, but this is kinda obvious. Orlando’s been writing him in JLA and obviously has a perspective on the character. His work is usually hit or miss for me, but the Ray: Rebirth one-shot that was released prior to the launch of JLA was excellent.

As for artists, Reis spent a long while drawing light-based constructs on Green Lantern, so seeing what he can bring to The Ray’s brand of illuminatory combat would be fascinating.

I’ve always liked Ray Terrill as a character, but the changes to his sexuality that came when he was reintroduced during Rebirth really added to the character. The whole I was kept alone in the darkness for my entire life, which was just keeping me from realizing my true self is about as good a metaphor for the gay experience as you can come across.