Fantastic Four Trailer – Finally Here UPDATED

UPDATE: Fox has just released a 15 second clip for the movie! Check it out below!

UPDATE II: The trailer released in several cinemas across the world has also been released, in HD - frankly, there is almost nothing new in it, except for a millisecond in which Johnny and Sue are seen flying, each one using their own powers.

While we know that Sue can fly using her telekinetic abilities, can she fly as fast and for as long as Johnny? Well, check out the trailer below!

It has been a long wait for the Fantastic Four fans (which are still fans, that is…), since Fox hasn’t released anything about this reboot – not a single still, but just a rather generic synopsis which told us that this is yet another origin story for Marvel’s (former) most well-known superheroes.

Until now, that is, we knew from director Josh Trank (Chronicle) that this will be a much more realistic approach, with a gritty feel to it. And the first trailer for Fantastic Four, which was released today, shows us that the director was speaking the truth.

And also, concerning what other people said, it does look a bit like a Chronicle sequel (but hey, the director is the same one!)

Fantastic Four trailer

Sure thing, if you didn’t know better, this wouldn’t seem like a Fantastic Four movie or trailer – there are no suits, the four main characters share very little screen time, and so on. So some fans might be a bit disappointed.

However, as some noted, this indeed looks like an origin story, even more than we were lead to believe (with all the Chronicle comparisons). And we do see some of the characters actually putting their superpowers to use (well, at least Thing and Human Torch).

Gritty and realistic

As said, the trailer does not disappoint when it comes to the general feel – and the voiceover provided by Reg E. Cathey (Dr. Franklin Storm) paired with the soundtrack from Philip Glass does one hell of a job at raising the pulse.

We do believe we have also caught a glimpse of Tobey Kebbel’s Doom at one point (the man walking on the corridor and annihilating the guards/soldiers), but hey! this is just a first trailer.

One thing is certain:

We are waiting for another trailer to come now, since this first one sure looks interesting enough!