Deadpool – The Second Trailer

Merry Funky Christmas – said Deadpool when he released the second trailer for his first solo outing!

After 12 days in which the marketing team (via Ryan Reynolds) has released one treat per day for the fans, the second trailer for the first superhero movie of 2016 has arrived. And it contains everything a fan might expect from Deadpool – one-liners, action (which is bloody in the Red Band version), a bit of cursing (also in the Red Band trailer), and even a very explicit X-Men Easter Egg.

First class, new class... First class, new class...

Most importantly, the casual moviegoers have found out that Deadpool is no superhero – he just has this tendency when his main girl is threatened by his biggest enemy. Which is a good thing and the proper way to start a new year (the movie is released on the 12th of February) already filled with superheroes.

So check out below the kiddie version of the trailer!

Pretty neat, right? Well, the Red Band one is even more awesome!

So what can we say after this second trailer? Well, besides the fact that the X-Men are a recognized and active organization, we do get to see some displays of mutant powers. Leaving aside the Weapon X program (with Deadpool not knowing what kind of experiments were done on him), we see how powerful is Angel Dust (Gina Carano) – after all, she does kick Colossus like he was nothing.

Size matters Size matters

And then there is also Negasonic Teenage Warhead who disposes of Angel Dust – her powers are awesome on-screen (though we do expect for a bit of explanation as how they work). But all in good time – in less than 2 months.

What do you make of this second Deadpool trailer?

Did you expect anything else? Or were your expectations met? In all honesty, this movie deserved to make a ton of cash (though it probably won’t, since it is R-rated).