Deadpool Movie - First Pre-Release Tracking Figures and MORE!

Two more Fridays to go before the Friday on which Deadpool movie hits the theaters! One can assume from the reactions of fans from the special screenings and that of the character’s creator Rob Liefeld that the movie is going to be remarkable. And the first pre-release tracking figures suggest that it will load a heavy bag of cash from the box office in its opening weekend as well!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool movie is on course for a $55 million to $60 million opening weekend! That’s definitely a dazzling debut, especially for an R-Rated movie. The 20th Century Fox venture is set to release on February 12 – the first day of the four-day long Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day weekend. Ben Stiller’s Zoolander 2 and Dakota Johnson starrer How to Be Single are also releasing on the same date.

Deadpool Can’t Forgive Australia for Wolverine!

Australia Day is coming and the Merc with a Mouth has shared a celebratory message for the Aussies. But since Deadpool is Marvel’s Most Unconventional Anti-hero, the greeting message is very unconventional as well! With a safari hat and a mock Australian accent, he states that he won’t forgive the nation for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine! Check out the incredible video below!

Deadpool Has Something to Say to Russia Too!

Yeah, the Merc has something to say to the Russian fans too! Ryan Reynolds posted a message for them in their own language via his official Twitter account. Here’s the translated form!

Russia, well, here I come! How about a tilt on a wine-glass of vodka under your mom's cabbage soup for my visit? #DeadpoolMoscow

The tweet featured a new image too. Check it out below!

New image from Deadpool movie New image from Deadpool movie

Deadpool Movie Tickets are Available Now!

Tickets for Deadpool movie are on sale in the U.S. already and Ryan Reynolds has announced that in a typical Deadpool fashion! Here’s the announcement tweet!

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