Deadpool – 5 Brand New Clips

Deadpool, everybody’s favorite movie superhero/antihero since the rating was announced, is ready to make his debut! In less than 2 weeks, the audiences all over the world (except China, of course) will see if the Merc with a Mouth lives up to the expectations.

The earliest reviews were more than positive, even if they acknowledge the paper-thin plot. But, hey, what can you expect from a movie based on a character which frequently breaks the 4th wall and which is well-known for his violence and strong language? Now the only question remains: will the Deadpool Corps fanatics be enough to ensure the success of the movie?

The tracking shows that Deadpool will open at around $55 - $60 million – and this should be enough to convince other studios to take their chances with harsher ratings. We guess you saw the trailers already and we guess that you were convinced to buy your ticket…

Join the Deadpool Corps! Join the Deadpool Corps!

If not, here are the latest Deadpool TV clips!

Wow! Did you see that?!? They didn't use DMX at all!

There he is... Also, apparently, the fight between Colossus and Angel Dust isn't as brief as we previously assumed. Which is a good thing, isn't it?


The fighting, the excitement, the lines changing from one clip to another... We can bet that, when the movie will be released, it will also include the scenes with the altered dialogues...


Well, nothing new here. But what did you expect? To see the full movie before it comes out?


Turd emoji? Dude, you're no Deadpool, so stop trying! And now we guess we know how Colossus was brought into the fight. And now we know that there is an actual money-shot (happy-ending, that is) in the flick.

Quite a few new things, right? Well, be sure to buy your ticket so we can all see the sequel!!

Would you...? Would you...?