A Deadpool 2 Role for Bill Skarsgård?

Rumor has it that Bill Skarsgård, who portrayed Pennywise in 2017’s It, will appear in Deadpool 2.

The recently released first Deadpool 2 trailer revolved around Cable (Josh Brolin), but it also offered brief glimpses of returning characters and some newcomers. The shot of Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth and Zazie Beetz’s Domino as they prepared to exit a helicopter with three other characters has attracted some attention. Here’s a zoomed screenshot of the motley crew!

Deadpool, Domino and the three unspecified characters Deadpool, Domino, and three unspecified characters (Photo Credit - 21st Century Fox)

This shot inspired much online debate as fans tried to pin down who both characters and actors might be. Christopher Mark of Omega Underground tweeted that the individual  between Reynolds and Beetz could be Skarsgård.

Aside from the striking physical resemblance, the 27-year-old Swedish actor appeared in Deadpool 2 director David Leitch's 2017 movie Atomic Blonde. Leitch already invited Atomic Blonde's Eddie Marsan (Spyglass), to appear in the Deadpool sequel, and Marsan recently confirmed that he would appear.

There's still no guarantee that the actor in the trailer was actually Skarsgård, but then Dopinder showed up to drive the rumor a few blocks closer to its destination. Karan Soni, who plays the Indian taxi driver, liked Mark's tweet. He later backtracked, but Omega Underground posted a screenshot of Soni’s reaction before the post was removed. Check it out below!

Karan Soni's like on the tweet theorizing Bill Skarsgård's appearance in Deadpool 2 Karan Soni liked Mark's Bill Skarsgård tweet. (Photo Credit - Omega Underground)

Fans speculated that the mysterious character could be Alex Cluney, aka Zeitgeist. Cluney may not be among the most popular X-Force members, but the protective mouthpiece worn by the character in the trailer looks much like the one Cluney wore in Marvel Comics.

Moreover, Cluney is able to spew acidic vomit from his mouth at will. This ridiculous talent would be a perfect fit for the zany humor that Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick love to pack into the Deadpool movies.

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