DCEU – Monty Python’s John Cleese May Have Found a Role

Superhero movies - no matter from what shared universe - are all the craze right now. So it's no wonder that many Hollywood stars are being approached to appear in various roles. Even more, it's hard to see a movie these days that doesn’t feature an actor or an actress who has appeared in a comic book movie (take Kong: Skull Island, which features the future Captain Marvel, Loki, Doctor Doom, Corpsman Dey, and Nick Fury).

At the same time, while the younger stars are picked to star in main roles, actors such as Glenn Close, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, and others are more than happy to appear in supporting and cameo roles. Not surprisingly, they benefit from this, since these movies have huge budgets and are seen especially by the younger audiences. And it never hurts having Robert Redford appear in a film.

John Cleese (Esquire) John Cleese (Esquire)

John Cleese might be the next movie legend to sign on to appear in a comic book movie. According to the most recent rumors, the Monty Python star has agreed to appear in an upcoming DCEU flick – of course, nobody knows which movie.

This rumor is based on the fact that Clay Enos - as well as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Twitter accounts - have followed John Cleese. This might not have been anything if it were just Clay Enos doing the following (he is a DCEU photographer). However, having Dawn of Justice follow Cleese too is something different.

So can we expect to see John Cleese in a DCEU flick? Of course! But will it be in the Justice League movie (which can be seen as a Dawn of Justice follow-up), or in some other project? Many are speculating that Zack Snyder has already cast him.

What do you think?

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