David F. Sandberg Teases Shazam! Villains

Shazam! entered pre-production about a week ago, so it's safe to say that director David F. Sandberg has begun the process of casting the movie. He's also provided fans with several updates on the movie’s main characters. Although he's made no comment about rumors that have John Cena taking on the lead role, he did disclose that Tawky Tawny might make an appearance.

Via Instagram, Sandberg’s wife posted a short clip that detailed how he did the film's special effects. Check it out below!


A post on Sandberg's own Instagram account revealed Tawky Tawny:


Day 5

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In his most recent reveal, Sandberg posted a photo that appeared to give away the Shazam! movie's villains. By introducing these lesser known villains, Sandberg is actually trying to introduce the superhero, saving his greatest enemy, Black Adam, for later.

Check it out below!


Day 7

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In his first solo DC Extended Universe outing, Shazam! will face Mister Mind and Mister Atom, both of whom are classic enemies of the superhero. Mister Atom is a radioactive robot who is virtually impervious to harm. As his name suggests, Mister Mind is a powerful telepath. But there's a twist: The comics' Mister Mind is also a space worm, so we'll see whether Sandberg takes this approach in the movie.

Mister Mind (Comic Vine)

Of course, these Instagram pics shouldn’t necessarily be taken as confirmation that the characters will actually appear in the film. But, in Black Adam's absence, Sandberg has to start somewhere. Having Shazam! face a powerful telepath and an indestructible robot might be the best place to do so.

Mister Atom (DC Wikia)

Shooting for Shazam! is set to begin in 2018. The movie's release date is April 5, 2019.