Ciarán Hinds on Steppenwolf’s Plan and Motivation

We expected to see Darkseid as Justice League's main antagonist, but we'll have to wait a bit longer than that for the big baddie to put in an appearance. Although the ruler of Apokolips has yet to make his presence felt, he did send his most trusted general to Earth. Enter Steppenwolf, who was teased in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Communion scene, but was never clearly shown in the Justice League clips or trailers.

While we wait for the movie's release, Ciarán Hinds - who brought Steppenwolf to life via mo-cap - talked about the villain’s plans and motivations. He also described him as an all-powerful being who takes pleasure in instilling fear in innocent populations.

Steppenwolf (Warner Bros.)

He hails from the planet of Apokolips and he is the general of the Apokoliptian army, who has come to take the world. For thousands of years, he's been in search of the Mother Boxes, which are all-powerful entities. He's in search of all-power, and that's his journey...

His powers are physical rather than any form of mental agility. His real powers are wielded through his extraordinary axe weapon. When he chooses to use it, it creates mayhem, and it decimates everything around it (via CBM).

Of course, we don’t know how the Mother Boxes ended up on Earth in the first place, but we expect that the movie will explain that.

He is not a fearful man at all, because he believes he can handle anything. He wishes to create fear - not just that people should be afraid of him, but I think he gets pleasure out of it. If you come from the planet Apokolips, we're all super beings - so super heroes are nothing.

Steppenwolf (CBM)

If you take into account that Batman (who's no superhero) is able to defeat Parademons, it remains to be seen how super the beings from Apokolips really are.

Will you be there on November 17 to see Justice League?