Captain Marvel: Production Start Date Revealed!

Last month, we came across a rumor suggesting that Captain Marvel would kick off production at Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios in January 2018. Now, a new production listing for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe installment has surfaced online. It falls in line with the earlier rumor, and even offers a more specific production date.

According to My Entertainment World, cameras will start rolling in Atlanta for Captain Marvel on January 8, 2018. Despite the fact that Marvel Studios has yet to announce a director for the project, the production start date and venue seem quite legitimate.

With Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War currently filming in Atlanta and Ant-Man and the Wasp gearing up to kick off production this summer, it’s unlikely that the studio would have any desire to juggle yet another project. And they still have ample time to continue their search for the right person to take the helm.

The site has also added a description for Captain Marvel that looks more like a comic book character description than an official movie synopsis. Check out a screenshot of the production listing below!

Captain Marvel production listing Captain Marvel production listing (Screenshot from My Entertainment World)

Brie Larson, who is set to play Carol Danvers, is currently promoting Kong: Skull Island. While speaking to Collider about that movie, she also discussed her role as the Marvel superhero:

For me, I believe that just seeing women be strong and tough is not answering the question of what a female hero looks like. Women have their own set of skills that are worth exploring and seeing on screen. I feel like it’s too easy to just say, “We’ll just change the name of this male character to a female, but have her do all the same things that a male does.” I don’t believe in that. I think there’s something else. I think there’s more to women than that. Mason (in Kong: Skull Island) is a great example of that, and Captain Marvel will be another great example of that, and of exploring deeper how women lead and how that is different and unique.

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