Black Adam Will Clash With Superman in DCEU

While Black Adam is first awaited to arrive in 2019, when Shazam! will be released, we might just have a surprise coming our way. Dwayne The Rock Johnson has teased this before and now he’s back at it – this time making it clear who will win during a fight between Black Adam and Superman.

And this is quite a move – is he really serious about such an encounter, or is he just trying to keep his character fresh in the minds of the fans?

Such a long tease

Just waiting Just waiting

The Rock has been involved in bringing Black Adam to life more than any other actor with any other character that I may think of. Back when the DCEU was just a dream for the Warner Bros execs, in 2008, the actor was already teasing his appearance as the antihero.

Of course, this has led many fans to believe that he may end up portraying someone else – namely another fan-favorite anti-hero, Lobo. Only in 2014 it was all clear, when The Rock was announced to be the main antagonist Black Adam in 2019’s Shazam!

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