Best Flash Villains

14. Weather Wizard

Mark Mardon for the win!

Also, I hope you understand that I’m not looking up any of these secret identities, I’m just a huge nerdypants loser who loves the Flash.

So Marky-Mark Mardon was a career criminal on the run from Johnny Law when he decided to run to one of the only people he knew: his brother Clyde. When he arrived, he found that Clyde had died (or, depending on later implications, it was possible that Mark murdered him). Either way, the end result is the same: the surviving Mardon brother discovered Clyde’s secret invention: a technological wand that controls the weather. Mark stole it and became the Weather Wizard, joining up very quickly with the other Flash villains as The Rogues.

The dude even fought Batman at one point! And presumably learned that Batman was a lot less nice about beating the hell out of you than Barry Allen is. He also had a kid! Had a kid. Yeah, that’s not a fun story.