Batman V Superman In The Aftermath Of The Trailer

Batman V Superman has been well kept under wraps, which is perhaps why the first trailer was so enthusiastically received.

Indeed, one needs to build tension in order to get maximum effect. And that’s how things worked for the trailer. But what happened in the aftermath of the trailer was just as revealing and, well, as awesome, as the trailer itself.

What did, in fact, the trailer spill? We’ve made our point here. But that’s not all the “luggage” you’ll be taking in theaters next year when the flick is set to release.

Hit the jump to learn the latest about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: what you’d have gained if you attended the IMAX event, new images of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes and of an astounding Batmobile.

The Batman V Superman IMAX event

BVS trailer still BVS trailer still

3 days after the release of the trailer (which was April 17th) a special IMAX trailer event was organized. ComicBook brought to light what happened there. The rundown is as follows:

The event starts off with Zack Snyder thanking fans and telling them not to record the trailer about to be shown. Then the trailer plays and is pretty much the same exact trailer until the end. The IMAX display does the trailer wonders, making it an experience YouTube could never deliver.

Yeah, well, that’s a predictable kick-start and decent of Zack Snyder to advise the public like he did. And the source continues.