Batman V Superman Doesn't Address Man of Steel Criticism!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the theaters in less than three months and that is when we get to watch Henry Cavill for the second time as Superman on big screen. The first time we saw him playing the Son of Krypton was in 2013 in the first DC Extended Universe installment Man of Steel. Even though the movie bagged an impressive $668 million from the box office, not everyone was impressed.

While one critic termed it ‘a mostly underwhelming film’, another one called it ‘THE iconic Superman movie for a whole new generation’. And even today on social media, you’ll find some people criticizing Man of Steel and some others criticizing the criticism that the movie faced. You’ll find both!

And Henry Cavill is well aware of Man of Steel's reception as he terms it ‘fairly mixed’ in a recent interview with Cineplex. The actor added:

Everyone I’ve spoken to enjoyed the movie, but unlike if you’re going to meet a stranger in the street, they’re not going to badmouth you to your face.

But if you think that they are going to do some FIXING JOB with Batman V Superman, get ready to be disappointed! The British actor confirms that the upcoming Zack Snyder flick isn’t influenced by the criticisms the previous one received. Here’s what he said:

There’s no intentional move, I don’t think, in Batman v. Superman to address any issues that people had with Man of Steel. It’s just a continuation of that storyline and they continue to develop that world and introduce new characters.

Supe in Batman V Superman – Some Very Interesting Character Development!

Superman He goes through very interesting character development!

Over the years, many actors have rejected superhero roles. Most of them would show the excuse that donning some cape and/or cowl means eliminating the scope of growing as an actor. They find it boring to play the same character over and over again.

As mentioned before, Henry Cavill portrays Supe for the second time in Batman V Superman. So, how does he feel? Well, he thinks in a different way from those actors! He finds it as some kind of an opportunity. Here’s how he explained:

Superman especially, he’s just wonderfully rich and one of those things, for me, that’s just enjoyable to play. There’s so far you can go with it; if you really, really delve deep into the character, there’s so much you can do. It’s just about exploring it within the vehicles and finding what you want to do. He’s going to have some very interesting character development in this one.

Is it good for Batman V Superman to overlook the criticism on Man of Steel? Do let us know your opinion via comments!