Aquaman: Casting Update and BTS Photo!

The Aquaman reshoots are well underway, but director James Wan only recently tweeted that he'd added a new cast member.

Wan beat media outlets to the punch by taking it upon himself to officially announce that Randall Park (The Interview) had  joined the Aquaman movie. The tweet was accompanied by the hashtag #Doctor Stephen Shin.

DC Comics introduced Dr. Shin as a fellow scientist and friend of Arthur Curry’s father, Tom Curry. Shin was an Aquaman ally most of the time, although the two were at odds on a number of occasions. At one point, he even tried to kill the superhero for not telling him where Atlantis wound up.

Throwing Shin into the mix will make for some interesting scenes, but we should keep in mind that the character was added during reshoots and may not have a pivotal role in the film.

In addition to starring as Kim Jong-un in James Franco and Seth Rogen's action comedy about the North Korean supreme leader, Park appeared in ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat and HBO’s Veep. In addition, Aquaman won't be his only appearance in a superhero movie during 2018. He's also appearing as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo in Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Here's Wan’s tweet, along with a photo of him and Park on the Aquaman set!

Aquaman director and his newest recruit Wan and his newest recruit (Photo Credit - James Wan/Twitter)

At about the same time that Wan shared his news, Amber Heard took to Instagram during some downtime amid the reshoots to share a photo of herself in the Mera outfit. Here's that image, plus a behind-the-scenes shot that Jason Momoa shared (somehow, it's not half as captivating as Heard's).

The actress in her Mera outfit The majestic actress in her Mera outfit (Photo Credit - Amber Heard/Instagram)

The set of Aquaman The Aquaman set (Photo Credit - Jason Momoa/Instagram)

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