Amazing Super-Characters Marvel Can't Use

The climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's three phases is near (shooting for the Infinity War will end in June or early July), and fans are wondering what direction the shared universe will take in the future. There are a number of Marvel superheroes who could make quite a splash after Avengers 4.

More interestingly, fans wonder who will take supervillain Thanos' place after he meets his defeat. Sure, the MCU already introduced Dormammu last year in Doctor Strange. While he's one of the most powerful villains in the comic books, he can still be regarded as a specialized one. After all, he's known best for clashing with the Sorcerer Supreme.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few awesome characters that Marvel can't use, which is a shame. Nonetheless, here's our own list of superheroes and supervillains we'd like to see in the MCU. We won’t see them in the MCU, but we hope that Fox, Sony, and the other studios will find ways to make the most of them.