Justice League: Five Awesome Extended Clips Released!

In just 12 days, Warner Bros. will release the first-ever Justice League movie. Understandably, the marketing machine is doing everything it can to attract fans who are still on the fence about the movie. After the divisiveness of previous DC Extended Universe flicks, and the negative rumors surrounding the production of Justice League, we assume that there are a number of fans who fall into that category.

Most recently, the studio released five new extended TV spots for the film! And based on those alone, we believe that Justice League will be worth the price of admission. Of course, the studio is still keeping Superman’s return a secret, but we can see that there is genuine chemistry among the actors.

Justice League (Inverse)

The first clip features Batman and the Flash during what seems to be their first encounter with the Parademons. Flash reveals that his lack of experience could stand in his way (specifically, when he needs to rescue people), but Batman has some words of wisdom for him.


In the second clip, Commissioner Gordon meets the team, minus Aquaman. We also learn that the kidnapping of some scientists will kick off the plot, and we see where one of the League's first major action scenes will take place.


In a clip dedicated to Wonder Woman, she prevents the killing of some hostages. What's interesting here is that the villain is apparently not just some robber; it's someone with a more sinister idea.


Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne are the focus of another clip that demonstrates how much Wayne has changed since the previous film:


Lastly, we get to see how powerful Steppenwolf is as he's confronted with more traditional human weapons:


Justice League will be released on November 17.

Justice League (Heroic Hollywood)