5 Marvel/DC Team-Ups That Would Be Awesome

Comic book crossovers are fairly commonplace. Examples include The Joker/The Mask, Spider-Man/Superman, Hulk/Pitt, Savage Dragon/Hellboy and Batman/Spawn.

The potential combinations, given the number of different comic book brands and the number of characters within them, are practically endless, but there are definitely some exciting possibilities.

Crossovers can either pit key characters against each other or see them teaming up and it is the latter that we'll be discussing here.

Here are five Marvel/DC team-ups that would make awesome crossovers.

Quasar / Green Lantern

Quasar and Green Lantern Quasar and Green Lantern

Quasar AKA Wendell Vaughn (first appearance 1978) has a lot in common with any given Green Lantern (let's say Hal Jordan - first appearance 1959) in terms of them being predominantly space-based superheroes and in terms of their powersets.

Both characters require an item of power to be the heroes they are - in Vaughn's case it's the Quantum Bands and in any Green Lantern's case it's a Power Ring - and they can both fly at great speeds, fire energy blasts, project forcefields, work as sophisticated computers and create solid constructs of pure energy.

The main reason it would be cool to see them team-up is that it would be a visual feast! Their constructs working in tandem would be awesome and you can certainly imagine the duo trying to outdo each other with regards to the complexity and power of what they create - and that would be a lot of fun to see.