5 Major Easter Eggs We Hope To See In Captain America: Civil War

Following the recent release of Ant-Man, your next Marvel Cinematic Universe fix is more than nine months away, as May 2016 will see the release of Captain America: Civil War.

The eagerly-anticipated offering will pit two teams of opposing heroes against each other, as their views over the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act differ greatly.

It will signal the opening of Phase 3 of the franchise - and there are nine other movies coming your way in said phase. Of course, that means Captain America: Civil War will be full of Easter eggs.

This article will take a look at some exciting and plausible examples of Easter eggs that we hope to see in the movie, which may well actually happen - five, to be exact, so let's get started.

Red Skull

Red Skull Red Skull

The emergence of Brock Rumlow in his Crossbones guise and the definite inclusion of Sharon Carter in this movie point towards it including strong elements of the Civil War comic book arc.

In the comic book, Crossbones goes after Captain America and a brainwashed Sharon Carter kills him - with both characters acting as pawns of the red-faced Nazi.

Rumours of Red Skull returning (he was seemingly killed in Captain America: The First Avenger, but there's every possibility he was merely absorbed into the Tesseract or transported across the universe) have been doing the rounds for some time and Captain America: Civil War certainly seems like a good opportunity to reintroduce him.

Perhaps at the end of the movie, Crossbones and a brainwashed Carter could be seen talking to an unseen leader, discussing how they plan to kill Captain America, prior to the leader in question being revealed to be the Red Skull (his return could be explained in a future movie and he could potentially become an ally of Thanos in the Infinity War movies).