5 Comic Book Arcs DC Need To Adapt On The Big Screen

DC Comics are looking to rival Marvel in the movie business by emulating their expanded cinematic universe with a number of interconnected movies of their own.

Man of Steel got the ball rolling back in 2013 and it will be followed in 2016 by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Several other movies will follow in the subsequent years, potentially opening the door to the introduction of a near endless number of characters, concepts and storylines from the comic books.

With that in mind, this article will take a look at some of the best DC Comics story arcs that DC and Warner Brothers should be looking to turn into movies in the coming years, focusing on ideas that could realistically be executed, bearing in mind the existing and confirmed characters in the existing and upcoming movies so far.


Flashpoint Flashpoint

The Flash is confirmed as getting his own movie in DC's expanded movie universe and Ezra Miller is set to play the part of the super-quick hero.

He will star in a solo movie in 2018, as well as being a part of the movie incarnation of the Justice League. His solo movie will surely be an origin story, but several Flash storylines could be used from that point forward and, should the character get his own sequel, the 2011 Flashpoint arc would be a great story to use on the big screen.

The story sees the Barry Allen version of the Flash waking up to find that the world has changed - the Justice League don't exist, Batman is Thomas Wayne and The Joker is Martha Wayne, for example - and, through further investigation, he discovers that the Reverse-Flash had time-travelled to change history to prevent the formation of the Justice League and Allen has to fix the timeline to put things back to normal.

If this was to be made into a movie after the live action Justice League had formed, a lot would be at stake, it would be unlike anything seen in a comic book movie before and it would make for extremely interesting viewing.