20 Movie Stars Who Campaigned for Comic Book Movie Roles

While back in the ‘90’s appearing in a superhero movie wasn’t exactely the dream of every actor (unless that movie had Batman in the title), it seems that everybody wants nowadays to appear in a comic book flick. Whether it is Marvel or DC or any other imprint, tons of actors audition and campaign in order to land their dream role.

And it is no surprise – the market is flooded with superhero movies, with this genre breaking record after record at the US or worldwide box office. So who wouldn’t want a piece of this pie? Of course, this isn’t the only reason why actors and actresses want to become superheroes or supervillains – some of them are actually fans of these properties.

This being said, here are 20 actors and actresses that have campaigned for such a role – of course, don’t expect to see in here those who actually managed to sign a deal for a dream role with a major studio.