Wolverine: 10 Comic Book Deaths

When it comes to superheroes you just can't kill, Wolverine is the first name that comes to mind. With his off-the-charts regenerative ability and virtually indestructible adamantium skeleton, it's no wonder that Wolverine is one of the most resilient of the X-Men.

But, as it always happens in the comics, even Logan dies. And the Canadian superhero has passed away quite a few times since his first appearance back in 1974. He is tough as nails, but there are a number of villains out there who seem to have been specifically created to bring about his death (even if they weren’t, of course – for example Magneto, the master of magnetism, could easily defeat and kill Logan).

Yes, Logan has died, and more than once. This is a list of the most memorable scenes during which the mutant met a grisly end. There are no spoilers here (as far as the movies are concerned, of course), so check it out!