10 Reasons You Should Calm Down About Ghostbusters (2016)

A while back, after the release of the new Captain America series, and during the absolute $#!^storm that was people reacting to HydraCap, I wrote an article telling people to calm the heck down and relax. I felt that every once in a while, when people start throwing tantrums, they need someone to stand up and be the adult voice of reason. So I’ll totally be that voice of reason.

Now, the last time I did one of these, someone referred to it as “whiny and condescending”. While I take issue with “whiny”, I fully embrace “condescending” as a badge of honor.

When someone’s acting like a child, condescension is the appropriate response.

And now that I finally got to see the new Ghostbusters film and found it to be pretty fun, it’s time to try to call for some sort of calm and reason, because…