10 Most Powerful Marvel Mutants

Source: screenrant.com

9. Professor X

Omega Level Mutant

Charles Xavier was the son of Dr. Brian Xavier and Sharon Xavier. He was born after trying to psychic-murder his literal evil twin in the womb. Comics are weird. Brian accidentally died, and Sharon remarried Dr. Kurt Marko, and adopted his son Cain.

Really, Stan? You gave Prof X an evil brother, and you named him Cain? You are better than this.

Cain hated Charles, and went off to try to discover a way to beat him by enlisting to fight in the Korean War. Charles joined him, and witnessed Cain's apparent death as he tried to recover a magic ruby. Cain would later return as the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Charles would eventually meet Max Eisenhardt, at that point going by the name Erik Lehnsherr, with whom he would form a great friendship. Erik and Charles bonded over their Mutant powers, but disagreed on how to best help Mutantkind. Xavier used his mental powers to gather a team of Mutants to fight evil, and Erik used his magnet powers to become a crazy Mutant terrorist. Charles has died and come back, and lost his ability to walk and gained it back, like infinity times since then.

Power Level: Well, he’s an insanely powerful telepath and can control people's minds, but I mean, how great is that - PROFESSOR XAVIER IS THE BEST AND MOST POWERFUL MUTANT, AND HE’S VERY ATTRACTIVE, EVEN THOUGH HE IS BALD. IT'S A DISTINGUISHED LOOK; LEAVE ME ALONE.