10 Most Powerful Marvel Mutants

People seem to love power rankings, and no one loves ‘em more than Marvel. Ever since the official handbook, Marvel’s been assigning power levels to their characters. And one of their favorite ways to do it is with Mutant classifications. There have been multiple detailed systems of Mutant classification over the years. So here are numerous examples of Omega Level Mutants. The ones Marvel has decided are the strongest and most fearsome. Fair warning: I’m using Marvel’s own scale, not my opinions, so some of these choices may surprise you.

Source: screenrant.com

10. Legion

Omega Level Mutant

Well, with his FX show about to enter a second season (and the first season is still sitting on my To-Watch list; I’ll get to it soon, I promise), I figure I should talk about David Haller, aka Legion.

While in Israel, Professor Charles Xavier had a torrid affair with Gabrielle Haller that, unbeknownst to the professor, resulted in a child. Gabrielle was a diplomat for Israel, so she and David and David’s stepfather, Daniel, moved around a bunch. While they were in Paris, a terrorist assassination squad broke in and killed Daniel in front of David. This trauma triggered David’s latent superpowers. Using his mind control abilities, he killed the entire squad, and absorbed their leader’s mind into his own before passing out from the horror.

When David awakened, he'd developed a new facet to his mind. It had split into multiple personalities, each with its own mental superpower. Because of this, Legion is capable of an endless number of superpowers, including time manipulation, reality warping, speed, strength, and whatever else you can think of.

Power Level: Crazy Powerful. Sorry, typo, let me try that again.

Power Level: Crazy, Powerful