10 Comic Book Movie Scenes We Still Talk About

With the seemingly endless list of comic book movies due to be released in the next five years, we can't help but get nostalgic for the movies we’ve enjoyed so far. The movies from our childhoods, the movies from our young adulthoods, the movies that may have missed the mark a little, and even the movies we try and pretend don’t exist.

All of them hold special places in our hearts.

As for the new releases, fans already have high expectations for them. Comic book films have been reaching for new heights in recent years and with that, we will all get to see some of our favorite heroes and villains leap from the pages to big screen for the first time ever. After many years of the same characters being recycled over and over again, fans are excited to get a taste of familiar characters from the page in new settings on screen.

But before these new movies take our breath away, and while we're feeling nostalgic, we want to take some time to reflect on the movie moments that never went away. The ones that come up once a day, the ones come up with our friends that don't know anything about comic book movies, the ones that have become pop culture staples, the ones that made many of us comic book movie fans in the first place: The 10 Comic Book Movie Scenes We Still Talk About.