10 Best Wonder Woman Villains

Look, I could write list after list about great Batman Villains. Or great Flash villains. Or great Superman villains. But I very rarely see lists of other characters' foes. And especially when one of those undervalued rogues galleries belongs to one of DC’s big three. The amazing Amazon has her own crew of great villains, so why don’t we talk about them for a change? Because a lot of them are pretty friggin’ great. Like, SUPER friggin’ great. So let’s finally give them their due. And show why each is a match for one of DC’s greatest superheroes.

Source: writeups.com

10. Giganta

Meet Dr. Doris Zeul, everybody! Man, Wonder Woman sure does fight a lot of doctors, doesn’t she?

Anyhoozles, Dr. Zeul was suffering from a rare disease, so she kidnapped Wonder Woman and tried to transfer her mind into WW’s body. She failed, and wound up stuck in the body of…an ape. Named Giganta. She later kidnapped a circus strongwoman with size changing powers and put her mind into yet another body.

Now able to grow to giant size, she menaced Wonder Woman even harder. She also had a brief relationship with Ryan Choi, the third Atom, so good for her. She followed what will soon be a familiar path, from Injustice League to being shot into space during Salvation Run, to joining Libra’s version of the Secret Society of Supervillains during Final Crisis. But for most of us, the introduction to the sizable supervillainess was her role in the Legion of Doom in the Superfriends cartoon.

A legend of great size and even greater stature.