10 Best Redeemed Villains

Look, not all bad guys stay bad. Some get bored or disenchanted with the life that surrounds them, and decide to come to terms with maybe adding a dash of heroism to their routine. Some stay good, some return to crime, but all change their ways from head bashing and bank robbing to fighting crime and saving the world.

Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

10. Max Damage

(Incorruptible, Irredeemable, Boom Studios)

What happens when the world’s greatest hero loses his mind and goes on a murderous, world-conquering rampage? But more importantly, what do his enemies do now?

That was the case made to Max Damage after his enemy, the all-powerful Plutonian, turned evil. And Max decided to use his powers and his mind toward the goal of defeating his former archnemesis and saving the world. One of the best recent comics, Irredeemable launched first, and told the story of Plutonian’s fall. But it was the sister book, Incorruptible, that introduced us to Max Damage.

Max witnessed the annihilation of Sky City and was horrified by the carnage. He returned to his base and enlisted his former partner in crime, Jailbait, to accompany him on his journey. Jailbait, who WAS his underage girlfriend, until he had his change of heart and decided not to date her until she became legal.

I mean, he did date a legally underage girl for a long time, so feel free to TOTALLY judge him for that. It is still super friggin’ creepy.