10 Best Marvel/DC Crossovers

Ah crossovers, the ultimate fanservice. Everyone who’s ever so much as picked up a comic book has asked what would happen if Spider-Man fought Superman, or which was more powerful, Green Lantern’s ring or the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic. But unfortunately for us, Marvel and DC are now owned by major corporations, and Disney and Warner Brothers don’t like each other enough to split the revenue of a comic book, so crossovers are most certainly not in our future. Our past, however? Our past is full of insane and fantastic crossovers stretching back to the seventies. So let’s dig back into those classic Marvel/DC crossovers and have ourselves a good time.

Source: xmenxpert.wordpress.com

10. Uncanny X-Men/New Teen Titans

After the success of Marvel and DC’s first three crossover books, they decided to team up the two most successful comic books they were putting out at the moment. Those being Clairemont’s Uncanny X-Men and Wolfman’s New Teen Titans.

The two teams are both drawn into space by a conflict between two of the biggest forces of evil in either universe. Darkseid and the Dark Phoenix are at war, and the X-Men and Titans are spacefaring to figure out what to do about it.

Of course, there’s also some action from Deathstroke and the Shi’ar as you’d hope, particularly a brief altercation between Deathstroke and Wolverine. Also, Kitty Pride and Changeling’s back and forth is fun, and I wish we could have had another major crossover between these groups of characters. There’s almost too much going on in this densely packed book.

On the art front, Walter Simonson hits this out of the park and into the parking lot. It’s gorgeous on every level. The kind of love for the New Gods he would eventually bring to Orion is more than present here.