10 Best Iron Man Villains

The armored Avenger has been around for quite a while, and in that time he's amassed a wide array of quality supervillains. And all of those supervillains are tragically lacking in respect. So allow me to educate you on some of the best villains you know nothing about. Because at the end of this, you’ll have a way better appreciation for these armored antagonists and for the billionaire playboy philanthropist they typically fight.

Source: osmweasel.com

10. Blizzard

Thunderbolts pride for life!

I loves me some Donnie Gill. Donnie was not the first Blizzard; Justin Hammer gave him an upgraded version of the first Blizzard’s suit. He was put on Hammer’s B-Team, alongside The Beetle and Whiplash. But they all got their butts kicked. During his time as Iron Man, James Rhodes was able to talk Blizzard into reforming, but wasn't long before he joined up with Hammer’s team of villains, who were tasked with attacking the Thunderbolts.

He villain-ed around here and there, once under MODOK command and once vs. She-Hulk. Donnie then tried to redeem himself by spending some time being a good guy with the Thunderbolts. He eventually reverted to crime yet again, using a powered-up suit given to him by the Mandarin. He was one of a few villains to rebel by helping Tony Stark and Zeke Stane defeat the Mandarin and save the world.

Good for him!