10 Best Captain America Villains

I spent a long time piecing together a series on DC villains, and I loved doing it. But, for the most part, I've exhausted the supply of DC heroes with enough cool villains to make a list. If I were to do Aquaman, say, it would be less “Here’s Aquaman’s ten coolest villains” and more “Here are all ten of Aquaman’s villains”. So I moved on to the Marvel camp. I've already done Spider-Man, and now I want to move on to the Marvel hero who I’d argue has the most underrated rogues gallery. Cap’s villains are amazing. Seriously, I don’t understand why we don’t discuss Cap’s band of foes alongside those of Spider-Man, Batman, and The Flash as some of the best in the medium. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned.

Source: denofgeek.us

10. Baron von Strucker

Wolfgang von Strucker (another tubular name, there) was a Nazi (surprise) who eventually became leader of HYDRA.

He spent a long time as a Nazi, until Hitler ordered his death, at which point he buddied up with the Red Skull. He spent a lot of time facing off against Nick Fury during his early S.H.I.E.L.D. days, but eventually was killed in the service of HYDRA. Then HYDRA brought him back. He bounced around quite a bit, trying a bunch of new things to make his name.

He tried forming a new Thunderbolts team…but they rebelled and almost got him killed. He tried to get a new HYDRA cell off the ground…and had to destroy it all to stave off a Skrull attack during the Secret Invasion. Poor Baron von Strucker. Guy just can’t find his footing as a Cap villain.

I guess it's not enough to just be a Nazi when your competition is a Nazi with no face and a Nazi who is also a vampire.