10 Awesome Team-Ups We'd Like In Avengers: Infinity War

Rocket Raccoon & Hulk

Rocket Raccoon and Hulk Rocket Raccoon and Hulk

Rocket Raccoon has, thus far, worked alongside one hulking being in the tree-like humanoid Groot. They were the best of buddies in Guardians of the Galaxy and, although Groot perished in the final battle of the movie, he's expected to return after Rocket salvaged a piece of him and started to grow him a new body.

Even bearing that in mind, wouldn't it be awesome to see Rocket fighting directly alongside the Hulk? Perhaps sitting on his shoulders firing his gun while Hulk smashes everything to hell?

It would put the smallest (well, aside from Ant-Man, but he's not small as standard) and biggest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe together and it would be really cool (and kind of cute) to see it happen in Avengers: Infinity War.