Zachary Levi Talks Shazam!

Cameras are expected to start rolling soon for Shazam!, and Zachary Levi recently shared some information with ET Online about what to expect. He also mentioned a certain Justice League member he feels would be a great addition to the movie.

The original Captain Marvel's solo outing was stuck in development hell for over a decade, but it appears that it may finally be ready to move ahead. Director David F. Sandberg has his cast in place, and Levi will star as young Billy Batson’s grown-up superhero persona.

During the interview, the Chuck star shared his excitement about Shazam!, and offered some insight into the concept behind the movie. He revealed that the movie will be a cross between the classic films Superman (Christopher Reeve) and Big (Tom Hanks). Gushing that he was “out-of-my-mind excited” about Shazam!, Levi added:

I get to do my version of Big, basically. It’s like Superman meets Big, and that’s just so fun. I get to be a superhero who’s excited about being a superhero, and I think that’s refreshing. It’s not glum, and like, "Oh, I have to save the world again." So I think it’s all really gravy.

Zachary Levi would love to have Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in Shazam! Zachary Levi would love to have Gal Gadot cameo as Wonder Woman in Shazam! (Photo Credit - Warner Bros.)

Shazam! is a New Line Cinema venture, but the movie’s also part of the existing DC Comics-based shared universe. Based on the audition tapes, we surmised that the movie would reference various Justice League members. One or two might even make surprise appearances!

Asked which superhero he'd most like to share the screen with, Levi named Wonder Woman, who he said was “awesome”:

I think getting a cameo from anybody would be super cool, but I just think Gal Gadot is so effervescent. She has such a charm. And she seems like a really cool broad. Like, she was in the Israeli army. She’s a mom. And I’m like, "You seem like you’re grounded and cool, and you’re Wonder Woman, and you rock." And I think it would be really funny to have the 14-year-old Billy Batson inside of Shazam! be really awkward around this beautiful Amazonian. I just think that would be really awesome.

What are your thoughts on Zachary Levi's Shazam! tidbits? Do you agree that a Wonder Woman cameo would be awesome? Share via comments, and stay tuned for the latest updates!