Wonder Woman: First Twitter Reactions

With less than three weeks left before its June 2 release, the first Twitter reactions to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman have surfaced online. They're not calling the movie a game-changer or anything like that, but they've found common ground in praising the director, star Gal Gadot, and the overall feel of the movie. Sure, nobody can really say what the movie will be like, but these reactions almost certainly indicate that Patty Jenkins will return for a second installment featuring Diana Prince’s adventures.

Batman News tweeted that Wonder Woman was more action-filled than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Wonder Woman ’77 comic book writer Marc Andreyko tweeted that while he couldn't reveal any specifics, he could say that Gal Gadot’s performance was beautiful, nuanced, and powerful. He also had some positive words for Patty Jenkins (the tweet has been deleted, according to Screen Rant).

Anna Klassen of Bustle also praised Patty Jenkins, although one might wonder what she meant:


On the other hand, Tiffany Smith (Collider, Schmoes Know) posted an even more ambiguous tweet than the previous one. You be the judge:


Lastly, Andrew Dyce (Screen Rant) tweeted the following:

Wonder Woman opens in the US on June 2, and is tracking at $65 to $105 million dollars. If the movie is as good as most of the tweets said it was, it will certainly be a hit, despite competition from previous and subsequent releases.