Wonder Woman: Debut Weekend Tracking

Wonder Woman is just the fourth DCEU movie, but it has to meet some high expectations. In this case, we're talking about the movie's US debut figures, and the previous movies each took in more than $100 million. Man of Steel had the lowest first-weekend returns, bringing in “just” $116 million. So, will Wonder Woman match these numbers?

It's hard to say. While response to the trailers was positive, most of the tracking services predicted that Wonder Woman's opening weekend would make around $65 million in the US. This is low, compared to the previously mentioned movies. However, the reported budget for Wonder Woman was “just” $100 million, which is considerably lower than, say, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s $250 million.

Wonder Woman (Nerdist)

But even if it "only" makes so much, Warner Bros. would reportedly be happy, given the movie's lower cost. If it earns as much as the other films in its second weekend, it could still have a good run in the other markets (including China).

But other tracking agencies contradicted this low estimate. The Wrap projected that Wonder Woman would make as much as $105 million in its first weekend in the US, immediately covering its entire reported budget. If reviews are better than those of the previous DCEU installments, the question won’t be whether it can reach $220 million worldwide (2011’s Green Lantern), but how quickly it can do so (this would make it the highest-grossing non-Batman or Superman DC movie).

Wonder Woman (All the Moms)

As you can see, the numbers are all over the place. We hope that Wonder Woman, as the first big superheroine movie of this age, will exceed all expectations (according to Deadline, it has every chance of doing just that).