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If there were any doubts that the X-Force Movie will happen, they can be chased away right now - concept art for the team was unearthed on the internet, giving us a better idea of what the director has in mind.

Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2) was hired by 20th Century Fox back in 2012 in order to write and direct an X-Force movie, with the intention to focus on it after the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014 - movie which included Warpath, one of the founding members of the X-Force). Since then, Rob Liefeld (the creator of the X-Force) praised his script on numerous occasions and revealed that Deadpool and Cable were part of the movie team.

So what happened afterwards? The Deadpool test footage was released and, meeting unexpected success with the audiences, got the movie released, with X-Force being put on hold. Is it still that way?

We don't believe so, since this new concept art coming from Wadlow's frequent collaborator Gregory Semkow showcases the actual characters who are supposed to be in the movie. To be noted, Semkow also praised the script delivered by Wadlow and (obviously) based the concept art on Wadlow's indications.

Next check out the concept art and the characters which will be in the movie!!!


The fans have been waiting Cable for a long time now - but the premises for his appearance on the big screen were missing. Not any more, since X-Men: Apocalypse will introduce the big baddie responsible for the creation of the character.

In the comics, Cable is a time traveling mutant who is the genetic son of Cyclops and Jean Grey. He is extremely powerful, being able to hold his own and even break the Silver Surfer's board - it can be expected from him, since he was created in order to defeat Apocalypse himself.

Over the course of years, the character was also revealed to have his blood infected with a techno-organic virus and, thus, needing to focus most of his powers on keeping his own body together. He is an extremely powerful telepath, while also having unimaginable telekinetic abilities (during that fight with Silver Surfer, he was also levitating an entire city). Beyond all these, he has innate time-travel abilities, which are activated by Professor X.

If there is going to be a leader of the X-Force, that leader needs to be Cable. And seeing him taking front stage in the concept art, it surely seems so.


In the comics, Domino is known as the partner, confident, and lover of Cable. Her special mutant ability is that she can control luck in her favor - subconsciously, she initiates random telekinetic acts which make everything go in her favor. Of course, the objects she subconsciously manipulates need to be in her line of sight and the situation needs to be a stressful one (such as during a fight).

And this is a pretty useful skill, whose extent is not known. However, for the powers to activate themselves, she needs to take part into the fight. Furthermore, she also needs to take action. For example, if someone shoots at her and she stands still, she will be shot - but if she moves trying to avoid the bullets she will succeed. Or if a building collapses and she stands still, she will become a casually - however, if she moves and tries to avoid the falling bricks she will succeed. She manages to do that because her brain transmits bioelectrical pulses which guide all her movement - subconsciously, obviously.

Besides this useful power, she is also a skilled marksman, with all sorts of weapons, while also being an expert in explosives. When Cable is not around, she is the leader of the X-Force.

And just like Cable, Deadpool, and Wolverine she is also the result of an experiment which was considered a failure - most likely because she cannot control her power.


As said, Warpath was featured in X-Men: Days of Future Past, in the sequences taking place in the future. However, his powers were downplayed in that movie, effectively making him just another brawler, making the audiences wonder how he managed to survive for so long.

In the comics, Warpath can be said to possess superhuman abilities in all the areas - strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, and so on. He has such high levels of strength that he can hold his own in fistfights against Juggernaut, while his mere clap can make Sentinels collapse (something which wasn't showcased in the movie).

His senses are beyond of any normal human, being able to see at great distances, even in total darkness (this aspect of his power was showcased in Days of Future Past, Warpath being the mutant who spotted the Sentinels and alerted the others).

His speed is also tremendous, whether running or swimming - on the ground, he can reach and maintain speeds of 93 mph.


Way in the background of the concept art can be spotted Cannonball, a mutant who possesses the ability to fly at supersonic speeds while encased in an impenetrable force-field. He can do that by generating energy and releasing it through from his skin, to various effects (the most usual ones are flight and force-field). If at first he only released the energy through his feet and arms, he eventually mastered his ability and was able to release it through his entire body.

As seen in the concept art, he is in flight - but, despite the tremendous speed, he has complete control of the maneuverability. He can steer in any direction with easiness just by sheer will (though we can expect that in the movie some other explanation will be provided).

The force field generated usually keeps him out of harm's way. But Cannonball can also use it in order to protect others or to entrap his enemies. The force field is so powerful that he was able to withstand the planet-shattering blows coming from Gladiator.

This member of the X-Force is also suspected to be a member (or at least descendant) of the Eternals, since he also has the ability to come back to life after being killed.


Deadpool is also expected to be included in the X-Force flick, even if he cannot be spotted in the concept art - but, given the fact that he breaks the 4th wall, is it too hard to believe that he is the one behind the camera? No, it isn't.

What can be said about Deadpool and the X-Force? Given the fact that he is a main star now with a planned sequel already announced, we can suspect that the Merc with a Mouth will just make a cameo in X-Force.

However, as it was rumored, we can say that he will team up with Cable in the planned Deadpool sequel.

The last of the X-Force members

While it is easy to see and guess who most of the mutants in the X-Force concept art are, there is one about whom we are not so certain. Thus, the last of the members may be one of 4 characters: Rogue, Hope Summers, Tabitha Smith, or Feral.

But while she looks like the Rogue we all wanted to see, she cannot be her given the sleeveless gloves she wears. And while Hope Summers seems like a nice addition, given her ability to mimic the superpowers of other mutants, this would make her the second Omega level mutant in the team.

The best chances are for this mutant to be a more humanized version of Feral, given the visible hair on her arms, her eyes and her long nails/claws. Plus, the hoodie may just cover up her mutation (pointy ears). In the comics, she may be considered the female version of Sabretooth, having basically the same powers (increased agility, superhuman senses, strength, stamina, regenerative abilities, and so on - plus a prehensile tail).

The other option is that the last X-Force member is Tabitha Smith, a mutant who can generate orbs of pure plasma - in a way, she can manipulate energy. And since Cannonball is also an expert at that (since the forces which hit his energy field can be redirected), it doesn't make sense to have another mutant just like him.

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